On our game dev journey, we learned what we’re particularly good at (and what we suck at, too!). While doing many fails (undisputed), we found our Monkey DNA and learned how to transform it into fun-to-play games for our players. Thanks to the support from our investors we can deep dive into the very essence of game development, learn and improve. And we will never FF!


We published our first game in February 2017. It’s been pretty successful with over 5 Million downloads, earned 2 Million Euro in revenue and got a nice 4.7 star rating from our players. WTH defined and proved our own GD style: TV cartoon, humor, heroes. Currently, it is published by Round Zero. 


Our second game – still in development – is our unique take on the idle game genre and an extension of the What The Hen universe: a fantasy cartoony clicker game. We plan to release Slider Heroes in early July 2019. 


After creating two games in a fantasy cartoon setting, we wanted to jump into a new theme and found “mafia” to be really exciting – both for us as well as for our players. Building on top of our experiences with What The Hen development and live ops, in What The Mafia the player will jump into the role of a local capo, who sets up his own gang of mobsters and fights for the control of the Mafia Town. The release is scheduled for November 2019.

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