Unleash 100 epic heroes
in cartoony duels!

Enjoy wacky, cartoony heroes? How about insane clan competitions, barbaric boss fights, crazy collectible character cards, and addictive Arena duels? If so, you’re in luck, summoner hatchling!

One chicken to rule them all!

The legendary wizard got turned into a chicken! An accident? Treachery? Who cares – Just catch it! Its immense magical powers make What The Hen’s world go crazy. Whoever possesses the chicken shall gain its superpowers, too, and become the chosen summoner to rule the Arena. Wicked!

Line Defense meets collectible cards, casually

Launched: 9.2.2017

Installs: 5.000.000+

Revenue: $2.000.000+

User Rating: 4.7 stars

Published by ROUND ZERO