Do you want to join us? Although we are (and want to stay) a rather small team, we are looking for experienced and talented developers, who fit our culture and team spirit. For great people, there is always a chance to become a Monkey! Please see bellow the open jobs / roles we are currently looking for. If you can’t find a position that fits you, but you feel that Monkeys are your destiny, then be brave and ping us anyway.


Game Analyst who knows: 

KPIs, ftue, statistics, ARPPU, onboarding, funnels, A/B tests, exponea, segmentations, rfm model, SQL/noSQL, whales, retention, conversion

Game Designer who knows: 

mobile, free-to-play, game economy, live ops, meta game, ftue, gacha, monetization, PvE/PvP, math, dolphins, soft launch, A/B tests, KPIs, ARPU

Game Artist who knows:

2D art, TV cartoon, comics, 2D animation, unity 3d, mobile, anatomy, game asset production, frame rate, asset bundles, UI

Game Marketer who knows:

market research, CTR/CPI, store page conversion, soft launch, ASO, FB ads, ad networks, keywords, ad monetization, targeting

Game Front-end Developer who knows:

unity 3d, frame rate, ANRs, android, git, app engine, c#, asset bundles, clean code, SDKs, iOS, unit tests


If you’re interested, here is your checklist – please answer briefly the following questions and send them to us per email. Thank you very much for your interest – we feel honored – you will hear from us shortly!

faq#1: Why would you like to work with us? What do you expect from working at the Monkeys?

faq#2: What value(s) and experience(s) do you bring to our team and game projects? 

faq#3: What is your favourite game? Why?

faq#4: What do you value the most in a game dev team? What is the ideal work environment for you?

faq#5: What are your major achievements in game dev and/or your profession? What are you proud of?

faq#6: What skills did you level-up lately? Which skills do you want to improve next?

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